6 Things You Must Know About China E-bike Wholesale


Electric bikes are a lucrative business considering the growing public interest in cheaper, environment-friendly commute options. Consequently, more and more suppliers want to stock e-bikes at their stores. However, before you decide to dive in head-first, let us give you a fair warning, finding an appropriate e-bike manufacturer can be tricky. Why is it so? China is a dominant player in the e-bike wholesale market. A lack of experience, language barrier, and different manufacturing standards can make it hard to navigate the market for newbies.

But don’t you worry, here is a carefully compiled list of six things you should consider to navigate the China e-bike wholesale market


There is always someone who could do it cheaper, but would it be worth it? Better price is one of the reasons many buyers are turning to China’s e-bike wholesale market. Every business wants to minimize its cost and maximize its profit. After all, they have to pay the shipping, clearance, and other charges as well. But it is always beneficial to use your common sense, even if you are technically not so advanced. If an e-bike manufacturer is quoting too low, he might be compromising on quality.

Some companies ship you a prototype before you agree to buy in bulk. It is a great option, avail it to assess the quality of the product. Establishing better communication, asking for verified documentary proofs of quality, and background checks on past dealings of a manufacturer can help you choose good-quality e-bikes.

It is also a good idea to assess the quality control at the pre-production, production, and post-production stages of e-bike manufacturing. Assessment at the pre-production stage can involve looking at the number of employees and testing machinery designated to perform quality control. Agree for unscheduled visits during the production stage to evaluate how they maintain quality. It is better to get a Chinese to do the task to avoid any loss of information in translation. Finally, an inspection after production and follow-up communication can help build trust and help maintain the quality of the product.

Overseas Warehouse

While exploring the China e-bike wholesale market, you will come across some e-bike manufacturers who maintain warehouses overseas. One such e-bike manufacturer is Haidong, maintaining seven warehouses across the USA, Canada, and Europe. It is an excellent opportunity for western buyers interested in China’s e-bike wholesale market. These warehouses automatically have to maintain stock that matches local standards. If you have a wholesale business in Scotland, importing from Germany is much easier than importing from China. You deal with a shorter distance, lesser tariffs, and easy clearance on the port. Plus, such e-bike manufacturers have a better awareness of safety and regulatory requirements in various countries. 


Custom Duties

Custom duties factor in your total cost, eventually affecting how you price the product. If not actively considered beforehand, it can skyrocket your original cost to the point where you may incur losses. EU slapped anti-subsidy and anti-dumping import duties on Chinese e-bikes. The USA engaged in a trade war with China, hurting businesses and suppliers working with China’s e-bike wholesale market. But e-bike manufacturers have been working to deal with these tariffs. Some companies cooperated with the EU Commission in the dumping investigations to receive lower duties. Others managed by selling pedals separately as spare parts; since a bike without pedals is an electric scooter and exempted from heavy import duties. Some market leaders, like Haidong, maintain overseas warehouses, escaping the crippling taxation policies and other limitations.

Labeling & Documentation

Various countries require proper labeling of the product imported for selling. Naturally, it is one of the things you need to consider while dealing with China e-bike wholesale market. Some of the labels to stamp on e-bikes include country of origin, WEEE, CE, and CCC. Apart from these, destination-specific labels may also be required. So, you should communicate all such requirements to the e-bike manufacturer and make sure the products comply.

The next logical step would be to maintain documentary proof of compliance. Documentation is mandatory to import your e-bikes to your desired destination and includes;

  • Test Reports
  • Battery datasheet
  • AC adapter datasheet
  • Manual
  • Inventory of relevant standards
  • Bill of materials
  • Risk Assessment
  • Declaration of conformity


This one is pretty straightforward; you need to consult different manufacturers to get the best quote. But it is not that simple after all. E-bikes are available with varying assistances and specifications. More specs, quality components, and added comfort come with a higher price. It is therefore critical that you understand your market. What do bike users want? What are the market trends where you do business? It would enable you to chalk out the kind of bikes you are looking for, the specs you like to have in those bikes, and the trade-offs you would consider for a better price.

There is a considerable market for custom-made e-bikes. If you want to opt for this, do your research, consider the additional cost of additional tools and molds that a manufacturer might charge. Once you have done your homework, you would better evaluate the price quoted by various manufacturers in the China e-bike wholesale market. Contacting manufacturers who already supply e-bikes in western countries can be beneficial since they already understand the procedure and may be better equipped to assist you.


Bike specifications can make or break the deal for you. It is noteworthy that these bikes are electrically powered and may need to fulfill some safety and regulatory standards before authorities allow their use on roads. Furthermore, China’s e-bike wholesale market attracts distributors from around the world. So, they produce e-bikes following a variety of regulatory requirements. It is pertinent to appraise the e-bike manufacturer of all the relevant laws in writing. Then agree on the mechanisms, tests, and certificates to prove compliance.

Let’s discuss some broad specs you need to discuss and vet with the e-bike manufacturer before closing the deal.


It is probably the most vital specification for an electric bike. It is this feature that makes an e-bike a preferred urban mode of commute. Apart from the type and quality of the motor, you may also want to know about its power. Regulations related to e-bikes apply to their motor power, and the standards are different in each country. Shared below is a list of countries with the motor power that they allow for e-bikes.

Sr. No. Country Motor (Watts)
1. Australia 200 – 270
2. Canada ~ 500
3. EU <250
4. USA <750


Bike companies do not make gears themselves but buy from other manufacturers dealing with such parts. The kind of gear used in a bike determines how comfortable a bike ride would be. It is, therefore, crucial to always ask to use parts manufactured by a reliable company.


E-bike usually employs lithium-ion batteries. The quality of these batteries varies in terms of capacity, longevity, and weight. Most of the time, you will find that manufacturers source batteries from established brands. You would do yourself a favor by asking for documentation that specifies the model, battery type, and brand, as well as proof of regulatory compliance. It is a requirement to get clearance for your shipment.

6 Things You Must Know About China E-bike Wholesale


Always select chargers that meet the electrical safety standards applicable in the country you are importing in. Maintain compliance-related records like test results and compliance certificates for the exact charger model you are buying.


We shared some of the most valuable considerations for those interested in China e-bike wholesale market. These include information about specs, quality, price comparison, and regulatory requirements. Like any other business, getting e-bikes for wholesale will involve lots of research, comparisons in technical superiority, and optimal price points. Generally, Chinese e-bikes provide an economical option. But it is critical to consider import duties and logistics cost to make sure your venture is profitable. It is wise to evaluate manufacturers based on quality control and quality assurance measures. It saves you time, money, and a lot of hassle.


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