Get Ebike Samples

Receive logo

1. Receive sample request

Receive sample requests from new customers via email.

design logo

2. Design sample style

Haidong will communicate with you the details of the sample, and then let our design team design the style and configuration of the product for customers to check.

Manufacture logo

3. Manufacture sample model

After confirming the effect of the sample, we will charge a certain deposit for the sample, and then we will contact the factory to produce the sample model.

Send logo

4. Send samples

We will check the performance and appearance of all samples when we receive the samples from the factory. Then we will ship out the samples to you after confirming that they are correct, and send you an email containing the tracking number.

Check logo

5. Check and test samples

You successfully get the samples and check whether they meet the expected requirements.

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6. Continue order matters

You are satisfied with the samples, we will continue to negotiate the order matters, and Haidong will return your sample deposit.

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