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1. Fast orders processed in 3-7 days

Haidong has 4 large warehouses in the United States, distributed in California and Oregon and we have 1 warehouse in Canada. The total area of the warehouse is 10,000 square meters, which is enough to ensure sufficient inventory! We store various models of prototype bicycles in the warehouse, and dealers can pick up sample bicycles directly from the warehouse to save time. We have an assembly factory in Poland and a warehouse in Germany for fast transportation to European distributors.

2. Standard orders processed within 30 days

If you have personalized customization needs, such as battery replacement, motor specifications or body color, logos, etc., please let our technical team process the order and ship it quickly for you. We store a large number of brand accessories in our warehouse, such as Shimano gearboxes, Samsung batteries, Kenda tires, KMC chains, Tektro brakes, etc., which can be assembled quickly and conveniently according to the dealer’s configuration requirements.

Amercia Warehouses

Address1:611 Reyes Dr, Walnut, CA 91789

Address2:4250 Shirley Ave, El Monte, CA 91731

Address3:3553 Placentia Ct, Chino, CA 91710

Address4:7515 N. Leadbetter Rd, Portland, OR 97203

Europe Warehouses

Germany AddressIm Taubengrund 35, Kelsterbach, Hessen 65451


Canada Warehouse

Address: 575 Canarctic Dr, North York ON, M3J 2P9, Canada

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