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1. Abundant Recourses to Show The Advantages

We provide a full set of video displays about products. After signing the contract, we can share a lot of Haidong media for you to use for brand promotion. Whether it’s advanced production lines in the workshop, professional production machines, huge American warehouses or rich sample showrooms, detailed product information with superior performance, detailed disassembly and functional descriptions of accessories, etc., everything from the factory to product, from overview to detail Content so that you can show the advantages of the product!

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2. Professional Guidance to Build A Website

We have more than 10 years of experience in website management, so we can help you build and optimize independent websites and help you complete online marketing. For example, the Haidong team has extensive experience in e-commerce sales platforms and marketing. We can help your business flourish on online platforms such as Shopify. 

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3.Target Advertising to Attract Customers

Our 15-person professional marketing team will help you place advertisements on major mainstream platforms, including but not limited to: forums, short videos, online celebrity marketing, etc., to accurately attract traffic, increase product awareness, and increase sales. We can assist distributors with marketing platform training. Whether it is through Facebook or navigating sales channels on search engines (such as Google), our team is here to help teach the basics of success.

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4. Website SEO to Improve The Ranking

We will help online dealers create high-quality content pages, quickly meet consumer needs, improve the ranking of the website in search engines, and increase the weight of the website. We will organize SEO training regularly to help partners quickly master the introduction of natural traffic Methods. Through the establishment of long-term accurate traffic sources for keyword drainage, website content drainage, and third-party platform drainage, helps companies obtain long-term natural traffic and attract users’ attention.

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5. Market Targeting to Analyze Industry Trend

We assist international distributors in market analysis and planning and provide strategic support based on individual market needs. Through research and analysis, predict the future development trend, industry opportunities, and industry risks of the bicycle industry, and provide reference opinions for investment decision-makers and bicycle operators.

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6. Make Promotional Posters to Promote The Brand

We provide material production of photos and video content on MARKETING TOOLS, including the production of pictures, videos, manuals, promotional posters, etc.

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