6 Things You Must Know About E-bike Touring

6 Things You Must Know About E-Bike Touring

E-bike touring is a major way to have a fantastic experience on your two-wheeler. If you are a frequent traveler, going on various tours with an Electric bike is a sure way to make your journey memorable.

However, there are certain factors you need to come to terms with before embarking on an E-bike tour. A more significant percentage of electric bikes can help expert riders when pedaling on unknown terrains. Yet,  for amateurs, it can be exciting but baffling. Hence before setting off there are few things to know.

We have put together 6 things you must know about E-bike touring to be adequately prepared and get the best experience.

What is an E-Bike Touring

E-bike touring, camping or packing is exploring a region with a bike as your primary method of transportation. The majority of bike tours can last hours,  occasionally, take weeks, and a few even last years.

There are actually no set principles as far as E-bike touring is concerned. Certain individuals may decide to camp, some stay in B&Bs, and some exceptionally elegant bicycle tourists stay in fancy hotels. Here lies the exciting thing about bike touring. Your fundamental objective is to get from a certain point to another by means of an electric bike; anything else depends on you. 

With the introduction of electric bikes and the level of technology enhancement for how far you can journey, bike touring is one fun activity that people can engage in anytime and anywhere in recent times. With our new bike products, such as the Haidong Whale Electric Fat Bike and the Agility Plus Foldable Electric Bike, you can exploit this unique touring with an electric bike.  

Things You Must Know About E-Bike Touring

Maximum Range

Every electric bike can cover a specific distance before it should be recharged; this is termed the maximum range of the bike. An E-bike range depends on a few variables: the battery size, the motor demands, how hard you’re accelerating, how you ride the electric bike, your weight, the terrain, how sloping your course is, bike weight, and tire inflation. Before beginning any E-bike tour, you should know the minimum range of your bike and plan your schedule appropriately.

Some countries specify the range and speed you can travel using an electric bike; However, if you can travel at 18 km/h on the level in non-breezy circumstances, a 250w electric bike can provide you with a 25 km/h. Electric bikes like the Haidong Agility Plus Foldable Electric Bike have a 48V, 14Ah lithium-ion battery and can reach a 50-mile touring distance, helping you accomplish a considerably longer reach.

Charging On The Road

Maintaining your electric bike battery charged at all times will most likely be your biggest obstruction while touring. Yet, it is much of an issue with the proper understanding. There are various charging potentials when touring, particularly in the event that you’re in a western country. Cafés, restaurants, gas stations, bars, hotels, and even washrooms possess plug-ins that you can utilize to charge your battery for as long as possible.

A completely energized bike’s battery should go on around 3-4 hours and work for around 25-50 miles, contingent on how you utilize the bike and charge the battery. So when you halt at an eatery for lunch, charge the battery. Form the habit of charging at whatever point conceivable and do well to ask for permission where necessary. 

Also, there may be occasions where it might be impossible for you to reach a plug-in due to unavoidable circumstances. Maybe you’re tired, or it’s not just one of those good days. For situations like this, you must pack an extra battery or two. Touring in an unknown region or an unfamiliar terrain with a drained battery isn’t great.

Keeping Up Your E-Bike

Fortunately,  electric bicycles are dependable assets to own. Many are water-resistant, can deal with high temperatures, and are sufficiently safe to endure other damaging factors such as sand, wind, dirt, mud, etc.

It’s still possible for an electric bike to develop some minor glitches, and there might be no technician around when touring with your electric bike. Having the option to fix your bike yourself because of unanticipated mishaps would help your touring go more quickly.

Most E-bikes are faced with one common issue, and that’s that it simply won’t begin. Generally, this is because of a dead, inappropriate set-up, or defective battery. Make sure to check to confirm that your bike is completely energized and doesn’t stop abruptly.

6 Things You Must Know About E-Bike Touring

Transporting Your E-Bike

Moving your electric bike right from the beginning stage of your tour and getting it back to your base or home is also something you’ll have to consider. 

Most importantly, in the event that you will go far away and need to take your bike with you if you’re boarding a plane, it’s likely not possible to transport your bike due to the airline’s rules concerning items to be check-in. This is because of the lithium battery, as practically all aircraft disallow checking in of anything more than 100 Wh.

You can ship your electric bike through special delivery services in the event that you demand flying. Moving your electric bike is best completed via private vehicle or train. The Haidong Agility Plus Foldable Electric Bike can be folded and easily placed in a car trunk, bus, or train, bringing more fun to touring.

Own The Best Touring Electric Bike

If you’re considering touring wide distances over an extended timeframe, You’ll require a bigger, more excellent electric bike that can convey you further and longer. However, if you need an E-bike for sporting purposes and getting around, Something more minimized or foldable would be substantially more helpful.

A giant bicycle will be heavier and harder to move, also substantially more costly. Foldable electric bikes travel well overall. Once folded, you can slide it into your vehicle, ready and waiting for the train with you, or store it in the freight hold under a transport. 

Haidong foldable bikes are excellent travel partners. They accompany a rear seat that can hold a backpack and range 50 miles. They are available in over six outlets across the world.

Locations For E-Bike Touring

Europe is one great place for E-bike touring. The conditions are ideal for bikers with various means of transportation, bike lanes, public charging stations, and a flourishing cyclist culture. Europe is an excellent spot to begin an epic E-bike tour.  

North America is yet another famous place for an electric bike tour. This is an extraordinary place to visit for an outdoor trip, locating more camping areas and cycling through the wild. The Pacific Coast course is incredibly gorgeous.

There are different open doors abroad also. Africa has forever been significant for distance bikers. Southeast Asia, specifically Vietnam, is arising as another potential E-bike tour destination.


An E-bike tour is more memorable when done with the right gears and in suitable locations. Electric bikes being self-supporting, can be used to bring you a brilliant and cheerful trip. Compared to normal bikes, they are now charming, prompt, and simple for riders of physical capacity. Whatever bike you use is the deciding factor in how well you enjoy your time. At Haidong bikes, we provide riders with unique designs that fit perfectly with their desires. Get on your E-bike tour with the few nuggets highlighted in this article and relish every moment.

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