The New Break in the Foldable E-bike Fat Tire

The New Break in the Foldable E-bike Fat Tire (2)

Envision a regular bicycle with some electronic systems. That’s what an electric bicycle is. Electric bicycles are typical bikes equipped with engines, gears, and cells that make them extremely easy to ride and provide you with the strength you require. The new break in the foldable E-bike fat tire fits for any terrain; this electric bicycle is growing in popularity since it is not only economical but also exciting and delightful to ride in a range of environments. The proportions on this foldable E-bike fat tire allow users to adjust their pace and pedaling style. Their riding style is determined by the location.

How does it work?

The new break in the foldable E-Bike Fat tire is ideal for a variety of activities. It is suitable not only for metropolitan environments but also for daily country routes. It was created with sportsmanship and outside circumstances in mind. The foldable E-bike fat tire is ideal for taking pleasure in your daily commute. It has a beautiful design with an aluminum frame and a built-in battery pack for greater ergonomics. In comparison to other electrical bikes, this one has a step-through design. Despite its vintage appearance, this small-frame form has significant advantages. With this type of frame, elderly folks with mobility challenges can simply get on and off the bike.

You will not be captured or injured if you travel wearing your clothes. This foldable E-bike fat Tire has a rear rack that can be used to carry equipment or meals. The capacity to travel a long distance is the most significant feature of this foldable E-bike fat tire. While compared to other electric bikes, the 14 Ah battery provides the finest range when riding for a long distance.

A 48 V 15.6 Ah lithium-ion battery provides power. For a more refined design, the battery is semi-integrated into the chassis, and its 750 W performance is higher in terms of the market. Larger capacity batteries have been observed earlier, although many leading companies continue to employ the rechargeable battery packs exhibited here. The 76-pound (34-kg) foldable E-bike fat tire is heavy, thanks in part to the enormous engine and huge batteries, which aren’t featherweight equipment. Neither are those 20”x 4” fat tires, despite their superior performance in sand, dirt, and snow to compensate for their heaviness.


  • It is suitable for all types of weather.
  • It’s tough and long-lasting.
  • It is capable of carrying huge loads.
  • Both tires have brake pads.
  • It can be used in three different ways.
  • It’s ideal for vintage rides.
  • It is suitable for all types of terrain.
  • It offers enough power for daily use.

Main Features:

  •  It has a 750-watt electric elevated engine.
  •  It has a maximum load of 130-150 kilograms.
  •  This bicycle is 50 pounds in mass.
  •  For increased safety, it incorporates a high-performance brake system.
  •  The barrel is made of sturdy aluminum.
  •  It has a terminal velocity of 19 mph.
  •  After a fully charged battery, this bike has an endurance of 30-50 kilometers.
  • It takes 6-8 hours to charge.

  Agility Agility plus
Battery (LG/Samsung) 48V 15.6Ah 48V, 14Ah
Range 30-50 miles 30-50 miles
Motor 500W/750wbafang 750W
Tire 20″ x 4’’ fat tires 20″ x 4’’ fat tires
Brake 180MM Mechanical disc brakes 180MM Mechanical disc brakes
Payload capacity 130 kg 150 kg
Derailleur 5-speed 7-speed

The New Break in the Foldable E-bike Fat Tire

Agility plus: Folding Electric Fat Bike

Its built-in 48V 14Ah Samsung/LG Battery Top-level electric car-grade battery with a seamlessly integrated battery system is one of the new characteristics that distinguish the foldable electric fat bike from other bikes. The battery is more snugly packed, impermeable, and safe, which aims to minimize mechanical malfunction in adverse weather situations.

It can take you up to 30-50 miles with a fully charged battery. Along with a pedal assist and a 7-speed Shimano gearbox, it can reach a maximum speed of 18-19 mph. You can charge the battery when mounted on the bike or it can be used separately. This is the advantage of a removable battery

Another distinguishing feature is the 20×4.0 Kenda Cast fat tire, which has higher structural strength than conventional wheels. It is built more rigidly and has greater maneuverability. The tire is corrosive and highly durable, rupture impervious has excellent grip, and can readily overcome any surface. With a wider inner ring, improved heat dispersion, and extended engine lifespan, the motor has been increased from 500W to 750W. The headlamp has been improved to have higher brightness and is significantly brighter than before.

The connections are tucked up behind the frame. Furthermore, the structure’s architectural minimalism provides it with a very clear, elegant, and appealing look. Its upgraded 6061 Aluminum Frame is three times stronger and more durable than competitor frames. Its higher-quality frame components provide better triangular management and increase load capacity significantly (400lbs). The Derailleur of the foldable E-bike Fat Tire has been upgraded from 5-speed Shimano to 7-speed. The new break in the foldable E-bike Fat tire used to have a payload capacity of 130kg which has now been ameliorated to 150kg payload capacity.


Foldable E-bike Fat tire is well worth the investment, particularly if you plan to ride on dirt trails, mud, snow, or sand. Its usage has been legalized in most parts of the world. It isn’t inherently more expensive than other hybrid electric bikes, and the pedaling pleasure is unrivaled. These foldable E-bike fat tires are always in class especially when it comes to outdoor pleasure and functionality. It’s an excellent option for people with limited mobility. It is more convenient for daily use because of its powerful engine, high speed, solid structure, great mileage, braking systems, and manufacturability.


  1. Laurence Briggs

    What suspension does the bike have?
    Is it suitable for a 71 year old who is 6’3″ tall?
    What is the price – delivered in Colorado?

  2. new birdy standard 9 speed

    Excellent post! Thanks for sharing such wonderful information about the new break in the foldable E-Bike Fat tire. I agree that electric fat tire bikes are totally worth it, especially if we intend to ride on dirt paths, mud, snow, or sand!

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