Shimano is Launching a Global Anti-counterfeiting Plan

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Shimano is launching a global anti-counterfeiting plan, and will begin to use anti-counterfeiting applications and anti-counterfeiting labels in China and Japan in May, and apply them to pedals and cleats. The plan will also be extended to other countries and more products.

In recent years, counterfeit Shimano products and accessories are circulating around the world. These counterfeit products may not only threaten the safety of consumers but also damage the rights and interests of Shimano and its partners. Therefore, Shimano will resolutely take action against counterfeit products.

Shimano is creating a new packaging technology to prevent infringement. The packaging uses materials that are difficult to counterfeit, introduces a special application, and attaches Shimano smart anti-counterfeiting labels. Customers can check the purchased products by scanning the QR code Whether it is genuine. In addition to adopting commodity anti-counterfeiting technology, Shimano will also require e-commerce platforms to remove counterfeit products, contact customs to crack down on the import and export of counterfeit products, and will report counterfeit information to relevant authorities.

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