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As one of the most popular means of transportation in the world today, electric bicycles are being loved by more and more people. It combines entertainment and practical applicability, is environmentally friendly and inexpensive. As you can see, electric bicycles play an important role in public transportation.

Haidong has been involved in the bicycle field for more than 20 years. Since its establishment, it has been committed to the development and production of bicycles and has been making major breakthroughs. As of early 2021, Haidong has obtained more than 50 bicycle invention patents. Haidong not only has its own electric bicycle factory but also has a professional team, including internal designers, engineers, and marketing personnel, engaged in OEM and ODM projects.

Factory with an annual output of 200,000 electric bikes

Our factory is located in Wuxi, the base of China’s electric bicycles industry. It was established in 1995 and has grown and developed for 26 years, collecting the most advanced production technology and the strongest manufacturing capacity. The factory lies in the hub of the highway logistics port and the transportation is very convenient. The factory now covers an area of 20,000 square meters, has 7 professional production lines, and 300 skilled employees! Since 2014, Haidong began to focus its research and development on electric bicycles and began to design and manufacture molds. Most of our electric bicycles and electric scooters frames are designed and manufactured by ourselves, and we have an elite team of engineers!

Under the premise that the production process is mature and the production line is stable, Haidong introduced the production line of electric scooters in 2018, and added 3 automated welding production lines to expand the production scale. Now Haidong can produce 20,000 electric bicycles and scooters every month, that is to say, the total maximum production capacity of our assembly line is nearly 200,000 units per year!

We follow strict production mode and mature quality inspection processes. Haidong electric bicycles adopt a fully automatic European production line and a total of 74 production processes. The CNC machine tool improves processing accuracy while saving time for production preparation and improving production efficiency. At the same time, quality inspection is the most important part of the production process of electric bicycles. Haidong attaches great importance to quality inspection. We have more than 20 quality inspectors to inspect every batch of goods that will be sold all over the world. Haidong divides the inspection process into five steps: first inspection, patrol inspection, completion inspection, self-inspection and warehousing random inspection. Exclude substandard products through inspection and ensure that the quality of each electric bicycle meets the standard!

SK L2977

Stable partners

Since 2015, we have carried out our own CNC machine tool processing, used for large-scale processing of parts, which is a significant step forward for Haidong! This not only greatly improves the degree of automation of the production process, but also makes the annual production capacity of Haidong’s electric bicycles rise rapidly.

Since 2017, Haidong has cooperated with various scientific research institutions in China, which has helped our company improve the scientific and technological content in the development, production process, and quality inspection, So we can create the top, reliable and high-quality products for the electric bicycle industry!

We have cooperated with a stable battery supply factory for more than six years, so we will have the price advantage and quality assurance of the battery. Haidong is also one of the earliest companies in China to design and manufacture hub motors, the high-speed brushless gear hub motor can help bike lovers easily conquer the most rugged terrain.

With a stable supply chain of accessories, strong technical support, and mature production technology, we have more reasonable prices and faster delivery time. As a Chinese export-oriented electric bicycle supplier, Haidong has been cooperating with some dealers for a long time. Our products are mainly sold to the United States, Europe, and Asia. Fortunately, we have received many good reviews. In the past year, Haidong has sold 100,000 electric bicycles and electric scooters in totally.

Faster delivery time

Due to the expansion of business volume, we optimized the warehouse process and cooperated with FedEx and UPS, the fastest logistics companies in the United States. From the signing of the contract to the delivery of the product, you can get them within 9 days at the earliest! And if you need some samples to check the quality, we can ship them to you immediately. Haidong also stores enough accessories in the US warehouse, no matter what kind of accessories you need, we can send them to you quickly! In fierce market competition, speed is the key to victory under the premise of ensuring high-quality, our company firmly believes.

Suppliers with more features

Haidong has always wanted to develop in-depth cooperation with distributors, so from pre-sales to after-sales, we try our best to provide the best service. In addition to meeting customer needs and providing basic services for technical support, we can also help dealers to show the advantages of the products, our professional marketing team can help you build and optimize electric bicycle websites, and provide you with a wealth of Video material, covering the factory situation and product details, even advertising, making bicycle product posters, etc. We believe that our distributors can accurately attract customers with the professional services of Haidong.

We hope that more and more people will choose electric bicycles, a healthy and environmentally friendly way of travel, and Haidong is constantly improving and innovating, striving to manufacture more advanced electric bicycles and electric scooters, and provide customers with better service!

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