HD electric fat tire city bike wholesale with 250W power

Thanks to its sturdier frame and suspension forks, Tauro is suitable for the toughest, almost -off-road” trails such as snow, sand, mud, gravel pavements, or forests

– it will absorb all the impacts for you! Its wider, low-pressure tires maximize grip and adapt to the terrain to prevent skidding.

Lead the way and let them see you. Tauro has built-in front and rear lights with longer-lasting LED plus ABS technology

Frame:20" Alloy frame
Front Fork:Suspension fork
Brake:disc brake
Stem:Alloy stem
Derailleur:SHIMANO 6 Speed
Battery:36V/10Ah lithium-ion battery
Motor:250W high speed brushless motor
Drive Mode1. Pure Foot Ride Mode
"2. Battery-Assist Mode (3 modes)
SensorTorque Sensor
Charger42V 2A
Max Distance:45KM
Carton LWH:1380x260x810mm

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