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30%+ profit margin in retail

Starting your own e-Bike brand or business is easy when you work with the first link in a supply chain.


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Trusted by top brands such as HIMIWAY

We are the OEM/ODM service provider behind highly acknowledged e-bike brands such as HIMIWAY.
If you need a supplying partner for Electric Bicycles, You are surely at the right place!


Which business stage are you in?


Just starting out, thinking about setting up an online store for drop-shipping.

Humble Beginning

Small purchasing intention for order volume in between 5-20 pcs.


Building my own e-Bike brand, ready to commit to a purchase order of 50-100pcs.


Established brand looking reliable OEM/ODM service provider with large volume production capacity.

Talk to Sales

Our busienss growth team is ready to work with you, and answer any questions that you might have

* Rome was not built in a day, whether you are a well-established eBIKE brand or someone just starting out, we are here to grow with you!

About Haidong

As one of the best ebike manufacturers, Haidong has consistently focused on manufacturing ebikes and series for 10 years. We have rich experience in OEM&ODM,  and a creative R&D team who can help you design the best ideal products. Based on our premium quality and service, we have long-term partnerships with global dealers. Our mission is to help your ebike business grow.

Haidong Services & Edges

7 Overseas Warehouses

Inventory storing service is  available, so you can focus on selling. ( 4 in US, 1 in Canada, 1 in Germany, & 1 assembly plant in Poland. )


Over 10 years experience in ebike manufacturing. More than 100 skilled workers and R&D engineers help you grow business.

Good Profits

As first-in-line in the e-bike supply chain, we offer factory direct price. No middleman, allowing 35%+ or more profit-margin for our business-level customers.


Low minimum order requirement starting at 20pcs, merged joint-order arrangement possible starting at 5pcs. Contact us for details.

Trending Models

Business Growth team work closely with focus-group and marketing report, providing our partners with  up-to-date trending e-bike models that tend to sell better.

Good Quality

With the German manufacturing techniques, our ebikes are of high quality and low price in the market, which can allow dealers to obtain more profits.


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