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The best time to prepare your 2023 inventory is now

As the year 2023 approaches, it’s the best time to start ordering your sample and bulk inventory as the e-bike buying season starts in February, and in order to get the best pricing e-bike, you order from the first-link of the supply chain.

( Usually 6-7 weeks timeframe to receive shipment from factory in  China to a port in USA/ Canada)

e-Bike around price point of $1000-1500 (MSRP) has a very high demand in the retail market. The profit-margin in retail is usually 30% or more, contat us today!

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Harley Style Commuter eBike | Tough Guy
Elegant Design, Comfy seat, Affordable price point, easy to sell.

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Alpaca Cargo City eBike
High practicality, Removable Front Rear rack makes the ebike versatile. It works as both a cargo ebike for a week’s worth of groceries and a daily commuter bike for carrying kids.


Commuter Electric Bike | Walker

Hidden removable 48V, 16Ah Samsung lithium-ion battery, meet a 55-mile commuting journey.

We have a lot more models and recommendations, contact us and let us know about your market, target user and retail price. Our team will help you with the most suitable models for your market. : )


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When you search for “electric bike manufacturers” on Google, you will most likely see our website (hd-ebike.com) on the first search results page. Many well-known electric bicycle brands are designed and manufactured in our state-of-the-art factory in Wuxi China.

Over the past 10 years in the ebike manufacturing and wholesale business, Haidong has earned a reputation for being innovative and reliable. Sustainable relationship is our top priority when starting a business with you.

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Which business stage are you in?

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Small purchasing intention for order volume in between 5-20 pcs.


Building my own e-Bike brand, ready to commit to a purchase order of 50-100pcs.


Established brand looking reliable OEM/ODM service provider with large volume production capacity.

* Rome was not built in a day, whether you are a well-established eBIKE brand or someone just starting out, we are here to grow with you!

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Starting your own e-Bike brand or business is easy when you work with the first link in a supply chain.

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